About Us

Manchi Pustakam, literally meaning ‘Good Book’, is a small initiative taken up to publish, encourage publishing and promoting of books. These efforts are concentrated in the Telugu language books.

Manchi Pustakam was registered as a Public Trust in 2004 April with K. Suresh and Ravindra Babu as its Trustees. Both of them are Post Graduates in Agriculture and working with another Registered public Trust called WASSAN (acronym for Watershed Support Services and Activities Network). WASSAN is a support organisation in the areas of natural Resources management and rural livelihoods.

The objectives of the Trust are:

  • To promote book reading habit among the general public
  • To promote book publication and sales and production of audio visual material.

Read what pustakam.net had to say about Manchi Pustakam. Thank you Purnima and Sowmya: http://bit.ly/2OthLIs